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About us

We are a team of Property Consultants & Property Lawyers committed to provide you all kinds of services related to Properties and Real-Estate in Gurgaon & Delhi.

At Property Lawyer Online, we make sure that all the property related transactions are executed efficiently, in a completely legal manner. Our Property Consultants are experts of the ground reality and our Property Lawyers are experts of the law of the land. Our fee is extremely reasonable and fixed, no matter what the price of the property. Also, our online system makes the process extremely hassle free.

We are specialised in:

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Why Choose us?
Experienced Team

Our team of experienced and skilled business/legal advisors is just a phone call away, in case you have any questions regarding the process or if you want to discuss your case. We try to make sure that all your doubts are cleared before they actually arise.

Easy Approach

We try to make your interaction with the authorities as smooth as possible by doing & managing all the paperwork on your behalf. Our team also provides you complete clarity about the process beforehand to set rational expectations.

Accurate Solution

Instead of leaving behind unresolved legal issues until your next trip to India, with the help of NRI Legal World you can now get solutions and advice for all your NRI legal concerns over the phone/email. Any consultation is, needless to say, completely confidential.

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